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Putting The Band Back Together?

34 Responses to “Putting The Band Back Together?”

  1. Keith says:

    Like the name? I didn’t think the company went away, just changed their name.

  2. zack says:

    They never left, they just rebranded their BS.
    Looking forward to their future war crimes.

    • Redbeard says:

      The only crime here is people talking shit about things they don’t know about.

  3. Gerard says:

    Dont know if this is true but what a great way to troll the leftists. If it is true Id like to see Blackwater hired to bring order to Portland and Seattle.

    • Sommerbiwak says:

      And here I thought that was the respective Governor’s job and their National Guard…

    • Dave says:

      By leftists, you mean fellow Americans, Gerard?

    • Bob says:

      You want the US Government to hire mercenaries to attack Americans in their own country?

      WTF is wrong with you?

      • Ed says:

        They have “citizenship”, most of them but they are unofficially Domestic Terrorists and at worst enemy insurgents calling for the destruction of the American way of life. Read their maifesto’s, antifa and blm (burn-loot-murder*). They are not fighting to save America, they are fighting to bring America down to a third world country like status. WAKE THE FUCK UP, Bob!!!!


        • Mick says:

          Authoritarian as it gets:
          “Technically citizens, but if I decide they’re unofficially terrorists, who needs a trial?!”

          • Ed says:

            Mick, you are a fucking idiot!

            No sane Patriotic American is calling for the suspension of Constitutional Rights of these insurgent domestic terrorist and “mostly peaceful-protesters” [sic]. What needs to happen and it is not, is local, state Govt- so-called “leaders” are letting their own cities burn and keeping their LE from doing their jobs! They refuse assistance from State LE and or NG that is desperately needed! All this violence and destruction of personal property, small business is only hurting the same people that these communist agitators and “leaders” supposedly are “fighting” for. Welcome to bass-ackwards times and the beginning of the idiocracy!

            If you cant see that then your a fucking insurgent too!

            This is what is coming if leadership doesn’t step up and let local/state and Federal LE do their fucking jobs! see link below


          • However comma says:

            if the polluted masses of this fine Republic would actually breathe easy, spend some time analyzing things objectively (particularly if you’ve got nothing better to do with your life), apply logic and wait for our (imperfect but still pretty darned good) legal system to work it’s way through every example of interpersonal violence, we’d miss out on all of the angst, rioting, looting and destruction. It’s far more fun to go apeshit after seeing a few minutes of poorly shot video, venting with trillions of fervent keyboard clicks, letting the media sort everyone into a photogenic and righteous “us” versus an evil, ugly and hate-filled “them” before taking to the streets and bringing the melodrama, pain and occasional death to our largely peaceful, innocent and decent fellow countrymen.

            • Ed says:

              So you are a fellow idiot along with Mick, Iggy and Mehmaster, got it!

              • No says:

                You have mud on your objective lens and might want to go back, slow down and reread some of these statements if only to show some resistance to a foolish impulse to act with no sight picture. There’s sarcasm in However’s rant. The US court system should be allowed to work it’s way through, case by case, any alleged Criminal behavior by civvies and LE alike. Moron rioters (and low-IQ pro sports figures/teams currying favor with their foreign financiers who are delighted to see our cities on fire with division and hatred in the US) who respond emotionally like spoiled kindergartners to a video they watched for a few minutes on their phone, check NYT and CNN to make sure they got it right, and then run wild exporting hatred and misinformation are the problem. They spread rage and ruin without knowing what really happened in most of these incidents and are ruining their own Democrat-run urban areas at the cyclic rate. Personally, I couldn’t care less: all you people in these Democrat zones have been electing criminals and hope-n-change commie dreamers for generations and now your ignorant, foolish, entitled brats of all stripes who fancy themselves members of a long downtrodden and newly woke proletarian class are spreading much like COVID, which is to say the actual threat is a completely overblown media construct of sinister origins. We’re all tolerating it because we’re either lazy or complicit, or we’re shaking our heads from afar while we try to be decent and fair in our own spheres of influence while we say hello to our police because they are essential and doing good like they always have despite the fashionable noise. Ultimately, the play-revolutionaries won’t amount to much because they lack organization, logistics, training, endurance, achievable goals and, most of all, patience. It’s pretty easy to go out, burn up your own neighborhood, harass innocent citizens and race back for a quick toke-and-a-stroke, a snack and some righteous emotional Twitter-rage from the couch. Once the men get involved, this comfortable revolution, call it a controlled burn, and we should let it burn as a symbol of what the Left stands for, will be snuffed out in a matter of days. It’s logical that a private security fmr NsW O figured that the workout video and Hollywood space was busy (and that if Dems are allowed to keep their corrupt chokehold on these cities and transform LE into a passive, castrated entity patrolling on pink Vespas armed with organically-sourced biodegradable whiffleball bats and cash handouts to keep the peace), and that the demand for trained private security is likely to rise wherever and whenever LE is removed from their role upholding and defending law and order. Personally, I thought the Dems had a stronger case with climate change, legalizing pot, telling Americans it’s okay to appear weak and flawed in every international dealing, pushing the inner magic of unions and gov welfare programs and discarding all those restrictive traditional values/restrictions like church and having to take Calculus…they used to actually BE the avant-garde cats having all the fun who capitalized on hippie cool, be good, love all, “i’ve got mine, they’ll give you yours” propaganda…now it’s like we’re living a deranged Revenge of the [Loud Angry Window-smashing Spitting Arsonist] Nerds flick…whichever Democrat came up with the “let’s shitcan the Constitution, ignite all manner of anti-American race & class rage, add a dash of widespread animalistic violence, menace and order every pallid man, woman and child to emulate doormats based on a perception that past wrongs of a few have spread to an entire global population of the easily-sunburned and portray this holistic vision as the ONLY noble option in the media(…and THEN they’ll vote for us, tee-hee)” goal should be sacked and sent back to whatever Ivy League political theory batshit cave whence he/she/it emerged. It’s remarkable when (even without drugs, a rose-tinted welding helmet or being held at gunpoint by Hillary) one can look back on the Clinton presidency and see it as not entirely, indubitably, 100% corrupt, vile and evil.

      • Gerard says:

        What we have every day is our gov sitting back as ANTFA attacks American’s in their own country
        WTF is wrong with you Bob?

      • Mehmaster says:

        Broski that’s just logical conclusion of the sheepdog fantasy. They are here to save the Republic by killing their fellow Americans.

      • iggy says:

        FFS theyre not terrorists and insurgents, theyre bored students, upset middle class office workers and altruistic minorities. they are urbanites signing up for the most interesting thing that will ever come their way because theyre too parochial to ever leave town. and be thankful theyre not ‘the real thing’ because 20 years of confronting real insurgents and terrorists has only shown us hired rambos in velcro doesnt work and that the government – either side – just ends up friends with them. remember the taliban?

        this shit wont be sorted by anybody waving their dicks around, it will take intelligent and informed negotiating in govt – something currently not on the horizon in any direction.

        i was around BW in the early 00s and they were the bottom feeders of private groups, based on low wages to unskilled and immigrant employees so they could skim nepotistic govt contracts. their model is mcdonalds, not mike hoare. theyre patriotic in the same way nike is.

        you people really do buy into hysterical bullshit.

  4. Iggy says:

    This is perfect for where the US is right now.

  5. some_guy says:

    And then they get sued into oblivion again for previous accounts of human trafficking. Scumbags.

  6. CJK1DOC says:

    An Amerian Wanger Group, say it isnt so. Sure in the hell beats “Murph and the MagicTones”.

  7. Ex Coelis says:

    Erik Prince = waste of skin

  8. SGT Rock says:

    An opportunist and a traitor to the United States.

    • Asinine Name says:

      But so devoutly Christian in thought, word and deed . . . there’s no hypocrite quite so vicious as a religious one.

  9. Todd Mallek says:

    Didn’t they just pull this BS two years ago, and it was an ammo release or something?

  10. Brian says:

    I believe, shortly, we will see a new rise in the PMC or PSC’s in the near future. There is a myriad of reasons I won’t get into here. Much will be in support of major political objectives CONUS OCUNUS. Wrote a fictional novel spelling it all out Task Force 2198 on Amazon. Historically, the “mercinary” is nearly indesoensable for completing political objectives when standard military cannot be used o achieve political outcomes for social reasons, and the obviouse military force multiplier. One might surmise that as the future of our nations police force and its effectiveness hang in the balance, that the “mercinary” / PSC might find its role under corporatized banner. The re-birth of Blackwater has been a long term Objective by Mr. Prince…and I am sure will come to full fruition soon.

    • RD says:

      Not a chance in hell… even if you could spell worth a damn there’s an even larger myriad of reasons why that will never happen.

  11. Ross says:

    Wow … these comments.

    Wonder how many of these keyboard jockeys actually know Erik!?

    • Ed says:

      I know the answer to that………NONE of them!


      • Brian says:

        To Ed & Ross, thank you. This why I never post here. It’s like I don’t know shit after 25 years in the security industry. Mine is just an objective opinion taken as if I’m espousing facts (of which I could never know anything about) . It’s funny, I keep hearing how it, this all will never happen, but, then, recent history is proving a lot of things wrong, and a lot of things right. ?Just my 2 cents worth, for what it is. ?????