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Flex Tac – Flex Micro Chest Rig

Finally, the Gucci chest rig you’ve been clamoring for! Ok, truthfully it’s not Gucci; it’s Louis Vuitton, but same pedigree, right?

Anyway, the Flex Micro Chest Rig from Flex Tac is designed for when you just have to flex on ’em. Made of fabric with the premium fashion brand marking your girlfriend tries to browbeat you into buying for her, it’s still a fightin’ rig at heart: made with Duraflex and ITW compatible buckles, nylon webbing and threads, it’s designed to interface with most industry standard plate carriers. Basically, this baby’s just as at home in a conflict zone as any Parisian runway, but that’s just being redundant.

This particular package includes:

  • 1x Micro Chest Rig Chassis W/ “H” Harness and 1′ waist strap
  • 2x Left & Right Wingman Pouch
  • 1x Lower Abdomen Utility Pouch
  • 1x 3 Cell 556 Elastic Insert
  • 1x 2 Cell 9mm Insert
  • Also, we feel it’s important to address this: calling this rig Gucci was half-right, because you’re not just stuck with LV fabric… you can also pick either Gucci or Burberry if Louis Vuitton just ain’t your thing.

    Made to order with a 3-week lead time.

    You can pre-order your own Flex Micro Chest Rig at flextac.myshopify.com/collections/chest-rigs/products/flex-micro-chest-rig-pre-order.


    13 Responses to “Flex Tac – Flex Micro Chest Rig”

    1. Torch says:

      This was the only thing holding back my rap career!

    2. lcpl0420 says:

      If you think this is stupid, but you thought the tricolor Haley rig from last week was cool . . .

    3. lcpl0420 says:

      After checking the website I believe that this is actually cheaper than this format of spiritus/ferro/haley rig, and probably just as likely to see any use longer than a 45 minute range session. Pro tip: if you do your 1 r 1 drill next to a parked car with the door open you can call it vcqb!

    4. DB says:

      Had to check the calendar to make certain it wasn’t 4/1/2021

    5. Iggy says:

      Genuine LV or chinese rip off?

      • Alpha2 says:

        Can’t imagine them ripping up LV duffle bags so I’d go with intellectual property rights infringing Chinese junk.

    6. Mehmaster says:

      The only question is will it show up at nuclub first or husk hardware??

    7. Davy Crockett says:

      Petition filed in federal court filed in 3…2…1.

    8. Xavier Basora says:

      Perfect Christmas gift for that significant other! (aka she who must be obeyed) bringing tactical Gucci to the mall!