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New Scepter Duramax Diesel Fuel Container Launched at IBEX

MIAMI, OKLA. – Scepter™, a leader in the fuel container industry, has introduced a Duramax 14-gallon fuel caddy meant especially for diesel fuels. Launched during the 2021 IBEX, the Scepter Flo n Go Duramax 14-Gallon Fuel Caddy features a patented pump handle that looks just like the ones used at gas stations. In addition, the dependable container has sturdy wheels, making it easy to transfer diesel fuel to any location.

The Duramax pump handle includes both a spill-proof shut-off and a child lock for added safety. The unit has a flow rate of two gallons of fuel per minute when in the siphon mode, making it ideal for transferring diesel fuel in a variety of situations.

“This Duramax container has two brass shut off valves,” says Melissa Obradovic with Scepter. “There’s one at the tank and one at the hose. This allows for easy disconnect with no fuel spillage. And, the caddy has a dependable 10-foot hose, made out of automotive grade rubber. For ease of storage, the unit also has a hose hanger.”

Holding 14-gallons of diesel fuel, the Scepter Flo n Go Duramax diesel container is ideal for refueling diesel engines in boats, farming equipment, construction and other vehicles using compression ignition engines.

“Our Scepter Flo n Go Duramax Fuel Caddys — available for both gasoline and diesel — have ergonomically-designed, heavy-duty top handles on the containers featuring extra deep handholds for transport,” says Obradovic. “And, molded-in feet keep the container off the floor for increased ventilation and stability.”

Constructed of durable and safe high-density polyethylene, the new Duramax container for diesel fuels will be available after November 1, 2021 on Visit for more information.

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