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Fire Lite Fuel Free Lighter

The Fire Lite Fuel Free Lighter from Survive Outdoors Longer is a weatherproof electric lighter.

This Dual Arc Plasma Lighter can be charged via USB and includes a 100 lumen LED out the other end. It offers about 45 seven second uses per charge. The LED also includes strobe function.

4 Responses to “Fire Lite Fuel Free Lighter”

  1. rob chan says:

    Ugh, still uses mini-usb… usb c please. It’s 2022 …

    • mike says:

      That’s micro, but your point stands.

      The upside is that as our phones get better cables we can shift all those mini and micro cables to our gear instead of throwing them out but the downside seems to be never getting the one-cable solution that USB promised us in the first place. Some day!

  2. Tom says:

    If this ran on a AA or CR-123 it would be grail gear.