Intraloop to Demonstrate Software at SOF Select Today at 1500 EDT

All organizations face the challenge of balancing budgets with resource constraints, while still getting the right solutions into the hands of their users. Ideally, these enterprise-level decisions would reduce costs, produce an effective solution, and allow their user communities to feel empowered. Intraloop recognizes this. From our early work with Global Fortune 500, we have adapted our solution to create a responsive environment for defense customers that delivers the right capabilities to our warfighters, faster.

At Intraloop, our software empowers organizations and their communities to collaboratively identify solutions that yield better outcomes and meet mission needs. We collect a variety of user-level input at the point of need (range, desk, deployed, in garrison) in any format, aggregate and translate this data, and make it accessible for project managers and decision makers to understand topics ranging from organizational gaps to potential solutions driven by the community. As an initial pilot, we deployed an early product to support the Marine Corps in a major acquisition decision.

For this pilot, we supported an operational assessment of a critical new system during a key phase in the development and fielding process. We were able to create immediate value by digitizing inputs from Marines in various locations in an immersive format that reflects the applications they use every day. Whether providing input in the field or in their free time, end users can provide that feedback wherever, whenever, on a platform that is easy and intuitive to use. Ultimately, our software facilitated a test and evaluation with greater speed, scale, and reduced costs and more comprehensively than traditional alternatives.

This not only validated an early use case for our software but allowed us to see the larger opportunity of supporting any type of problem across government – from requirements, evaluations, to lifecycle management. We incentivize individuals to stay engaged, remain candid, and feel confident that their information is secure. These open, organic conversations between organizations and end users enables administrators to identify areas of opportunity and discover issues before they become problems. For program managers and decisions makers, different administrator tools allow these teams to scale by incorporating historical data, processing new data faster, finding hidden insights, and producing reports that are easy to understand and tied to outcomes.

Interested in learning more? Sponsored by Forgeline (formerly Lost Arrow), we will be hosting a demo and Q&A during SOF Select, May 18th, 3pm ET at the Westin Hotel (Hibiscus Room). For other questions, feel free to reach us at

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