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SOFIC 22 – SOAL Marine

SOAL Marine Group exhibited with Wing Inflatables. The Kraka Jet Board is a rigid inflatable platform which can be manned or unmanned to perform infiltration and exfiltration of swimmers and material, ISR, and even armed overwatch.

It can navigated by its passengers, remote controlled, or programmed for a predetermined course. Kraka Jet Board can be airdropped and is inflatable within seconds thanks to an onboard air tank.

The system can also be cached up to 26 meters underwater and is powered by a 11 kW brushless electric motor offering up to 18 knots of speed. The rechargeable battery that can be swapped out as needed.

A remote weapon station or ISR mast can also be placed on the Kraka. This model will support two fully equipped swimmers but there are larger versions which will support a quad or Polaris UTV for river crossings.

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