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ITS Lock Pinning Mat

Imminent Threat Solutions is proud to introduce the ITS Lock Pinning Mat. This ultimate workspace tool is purpose built for the locksport enthusiast and offers a dedicated space for disassembling and rebuilding your locks. Made from a durable rubber, each features an anti-slip bottom to ensure your mat and contents stay put.

The four sections of the ITS Lock Pinning Mat provide the opportunity to sort lock contents, as well as change and manipulate components. The Upright Cylinder Channel holds the ITS Modular Lock (available separately as an add-on item) perfectly in an upright configuration and offers enough room to store the ITS Reverse-Grip Pinning Tweezers (available separately as an add-on item.) The Shear Line Check Box features a slight ramp that assists in guiding pins down to the built-in shear line. The opening to the right of the ramp allows keys to lay flat, so pins can be properly lined up with each cut in the key.

The Parts Garage is an open section that’s available to store items you’re actively working on, like security pins you may be swapping in, or small tools you may be using. Lastly, the Pin Stack Columns feature 28 individual Storage Cubbies to house the internal components of a lock separately (Cap, Spring, Driver Pin and Key Pin) so they don’t get mixed up. The columns can accommodate up to 7 full pin-stacks.

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  1. AbnMedOps says:

    “Locksport enthusiast”…Huh. that’s a new one to me. Learn something new every day on SSD!