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Mountain Partisan by Shield Arms

Shield Arms launches the Mountain Partisan line of soft goods
(Bigfork, Montana, November 2022) — Shield Arms is pleased to announce a new US made soft goods line named Mountain Partisan. Pulling inspiration from the Spanish Partisans of the Peninsular War / Spanish War of Independence, Mountain Partisan gear is designed for use in rugged, mountainous terrain. The core design principles of the Mountain Partisan line are that gear must be simple, effective, rugged, and multipurpose wherever possible. Learn more about the Mountain Partisan origin story here.

Partisan Sling

Our first offering in the Mountain Partisan line is the Partisan Sling. Designed by a former Green Beret, the Partisan Sling brings together his years of experience along with all the best sling features into one superior design.

Partisan Sling Features

Two-Stage progressive tension

Quick adjust system

Easy index thumb loop

Solid lock bi-directional adjustment

Redundant hardware

Abrasion resistant shoulder sheath

Features Video

Partisan Sling Shop Talk

The Partisan Sling is available now in black, coyote tan, OD green, and foliage green.

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