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Helo Lanyard by Amarok Technical Gear

During last month’s WEPTAC industry night I ran into an old friend from my Air Force days. Rod Alne is a retired PJ who owns and operates The Peak, a training facility located in Montana. The Peak offers a wide range of courses.

They also provide specialized equipment like the Helo Lanyard from Canadian firm Amarok Technical Gear which is an Operator Retention System.

It offers 18-20 inches of one-handed adjustment at the body and is designed for use with light to heavy-gloved hands. It offers a rated system strength of 15kN / 3,400 lbf for 30 seconds.

Manufactured from 8mm high tech camo rope using Technora sheath, it is available standard with a 2-stage Kong Tango or optional 3-stage ISC snaphook.

7 Responses to “Helo Lanyard by Amarok Technical Gear”

  1. commstech says:

    15kN / 3,400 lbf for 30 seconds? Then what?

    • SSD says:

      This obviously isn’t for you…

      • commstech says:

        Does the load rating expire after 30 seconds? I’ve used fall protection equipment for many years, but I’ve never heard of a time limit attached to a load rating.

        • Bob says:

          All PFPE is tested to a relevant standard (or at least it should be.)

          Those standards have a time limit e.g. for the EU standard for rope adjustment devices it is 15 kN for 3 minutes with no failures for Type A devices for static strength.

        • SSD says:

          No, that’s just how long it’s tested under load.

    • Iggy says:

      The kn and loading tests are different. The timed element has two aspects, minimal test requirements and/or fail-safe to mitigate other risks.

  2. commstech says:

    Thank you sir.