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Ask SSD: “Where Can I Get A KCRF Patch?”

Short answer to this one. These days, the only way is to purchase one from my friend Dave at Mojo Tactical in Honolulu, Hawaii. Since most people don’t make it go Honolulu regularly, he offers them in multiple colors via web sales.

6 Responses to “Ask SSD: “Where Can I Get A KCRF Patch?””

  1. Wells James says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Chris says:

    Come visit. Go to the beach. Eat malasadas. Visit Pearl Harbor. Get stuck in traffic. And visit Mojo…

  3. Been needing one for a while thanks!!!

  4. Mojo says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the overwhelming support! I did come up on another small bag of the SWAT versions if anyone missed out. They’re up on the site now!