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Hogue – Wrapter

One of the things I ran across at last week’s NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Indianapolis was the Wrapter line of adhesive firearms grips from Hogue which allows you to add that Hogue grip feeling to standard grips.

Wrapter is available for a variety of handguns and is due cut for a perfect fit but there also a DIY kit in case you want to add Hogue’s famous rubber grip material to other guns or items.

Offered in Grain, Block, and Heavy Grit Textures.


One Response to “Hogue – Wrapter”

  1. Andy Marksyst says:

    Innovative, but it looks fugly to me. Even in the top image you can see wrinkling on the backstrap. Heating and cooling over the lifetime of the gun will make that worse too.

    All that said though, it’s way better than even the best stippling jobs I’ve seen Bubba do.