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Battle Buddy Month Encourages Students to Share Comeback Yoga with Fellow Active Duty, Veterans

Trauma-informed classes help military members develop resiliency
DENVER (April 24) – Comeback Yoga, the original Colorado organization serving veterans and their supporters through yoga, is excited to host Battle Buddy Month for active-duty military personnel and veterans during the month of May. Each class participant is invited to bring a buddy to class during May, and earn points toward prizes at the end of the month. 

All military members know how important a battle buddy is, though they know them through different names: Shipmate, Wingman, Liberty Buddy. Battle Buddies ensure every member of the military always has one person in their corner, in and out of combat. Comeback Yoga wants veterans and military members to share the experience of free, accessible, trauma-informed yoga classes with a buddy who would benefit from the skills students gain on the mat.

“Battle Buddy month is a way for students to really share what they get out of Comeback Yoga. Veterans, active duty and their supporters all receive the benefits of free yoga classes taught by our highly trained teachers, and we think it’s an exciting time to spread the awareness of what yoga is capable of,” said Kelly Wulf Executive Director at Comeback Yoga. “Regardless of the branch of service, battle buddies ensure every member of the military always has one person in their corner. We bring that same concept to yoga: we’re always in your corner.” 

Battle Buddy month is the perfect time for new students to try Comeback Yoga and spend time with old friends and make some new ones. Whether a new student or someone who has been practicing with Comeback Yoga for a long time, students are encouraged to bring a friend to a class as many times as they can throughout the month. Each class shared earns the student duo a point, and the pair with the most points at the end of the month win a Comeback Yoga prize pack. Students who have participated in Comeback Yoga’s classes know how much they can help develop resiliency in response to their life experience that may include post-traumatic stress. 

Attend Battle Buddy Month’s Kick Off class on May 1 online and in person at The River Yoga – Golden Triangle from 2-3 p.m. MDT. Learn more about Comeback Yoga’s class schedule and mission at

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