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Arc’teryx Finally Made That Recce Hat, Sort Of

Back in 2015 Arc’teryx LEAF teased us with he promise of the perfect field hat, a short-brimmed boonie with all of the bells and whistles they dubbed the Recce Hat.

Made from 50/50 NYCO, it never went into production. Only a few samples were made and they were a very small size.

But it had everything we wanted including a cinch strap so it wouldn’t fall off in the bush, slots for scrim or natural camouflage and a pocket at the crown made from hi-viz Orange for use in signaling.

I just picked up the Cranbrook Hat from Arc’teryx and while it’s not the Recce Hat we were promised, it certainly shares some DNA.

It retains the unique ventilation system of the Recce as well as the cinch strap and crown pocket but this time it’s white.

Be advised, the brim wider than the original and the fabric is a stretchy Softshell material, but it is treated with antimicrobial.

Overall, I like it, so far. We’ll see how this fabric feels in this summer’s Florida heat.

Offered in S/M and L/XL in Black and Forage (seen here). Forage is kind of an Alpha Green shade.

9 Responses to “Arc’teryx Finally Made That Recce Hat, Sort Of”

  1. Sasquatch says:

    “Can we have Arcteryx Recce hat?”
    Mom: “No, we have Arcteryx Recce hat at home.”
    Arcteryx Recce hat at home:

  2. Swampy J says:

    No mesh venting built into the crown all the way around will mean sweaty head in the South. Check out M-TAC vented boonie for the ideal design. They are a Ukranian company so they are hard to find for sell these days.

  3. roy says:

    Well worth considering, but only in forage. The black color looks like it would bake my brain.

  4. AbnMedOps says:

    What all these hats are missing is something found on a very old USAF brimmed hat from the 70’s or earlier: Inside the crown was a little pouch containing a deployable insect headnet. The pouch was simple patch of the same net material. The hat itself OG or maybe Sage Green, with a sort of quilt-sewn crown (maybe for stiffness?). I think there were snaps to fold up the brim, Aussie style. Did not look much like any “mainstream” US military style evolution – I speculate that this might have been developed within USAF Survival channels, or for Panama/Tropical wear. Looked odd enough/practical enough that if had ever been issued in the US Army, it would have been forbidden for wear. And before anyone laughs at the insect net, consider that in some environments (Labrador bush during Black Fly season, sor example) an insect bar is absolutely essential to survival and operational ability. And, according to the entomologists, that insect netting MUST be made of a very specific weave, NOT just generic “mosquito netting” material.

    • SSD says:

      You have described the HAT AND INSECT NET HGU-18/P. It was designed in the 50s and issued in tropical regions from there on until the early 80s when stocks were depleted. The nomenclature was deleted in 1999. The Air Commandos picked it up during their Jungle Jim phase and it became their signature headgear. In fact, although it’s referred to as a campaign cap it’s still authorized for wear by Air Commandos in AFI 36-2903 even though it’s no longer procured or issued.

      You may also recognize the style as it is similar to what was once worn by female DIs in the Army and TIs in the Air Force. That’s probably where the incorrect campaign hat moniker came from.

      • AbnMedOps says:

        Thank you for the knowledge Eric! The only time I saw it was in the 70’s when our CAP Cadet Squadron somehow obtained a box of these hats…all in something like size XXX Small, too small for even our Cadet sized heads. And yes, someone speculated that they were female drill sergeant hats.

  5. Nice hat but $80 is pretty pricey.