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NEMO Equipment – Heliopolis + Helio

NEMO Equipment’s Heliopolis and Helio were literally made for one another. The Helio is a portable pressure washer and the Heliopolis is a shelter to offer some privacy while you wash.

Helio is offered in two sizes and is pressurized with a foot power pump. The 5.8-gallon sized LX offers 7–10 minutes of strong, continuous spray. the smaller Helio’s 2.9-gallon tank offers 5–7 minutes of spray. Both boast a 7 foot long hose with a spray spigot which is like what you’d find in a kitchen sink and very handy to use. I’ve used both for years while camping and to spray the dogs off after day hikes.

The Heliopolis is a portable shower tent and privacy shelter. You can wash and or change your clothes in it. It’s simple to erect ans doesnt take up much space in your vehicle.


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