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Kopis Designs – Marty McPry

Made from a solid billet of 1/4″, Grade 5 (6Al4V) Titanium, the Marty McPry is virtually indestructible while weighing in at just over 2oz.

The front end has a V-grind flathead, while the back end has a chisel ground pry end with a nail puller. It also has a channel in the center that can hold and turn any standard 1/4 bit driver while providing additional leverage for turning screws/bolts.

In addition, they designed and tested it to function in a self-defense capacity in a pinch and it is TSA compliant.


Each one comes with a PH2 phillips head bit driver and 3 O-rings to secure it within the handle if you choose.


3 Responses to “Kopis Designs – Marty McPry”

  1. D Liddle says:

    Sharpen that bad boy up and you’d have a not-entirely-useless dive knife.

  2. BIG RED ONE - Ramadi OIF II says:

    $185 and Sold Out… very intriguing

  3. Raul says:

    Please re-stock! Very cool and very interested.