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Black Hills Designs SHOVE-R Shove Knife

I don’t normally post stuff from the same company back-to-back like this, but Black Hills Designs seems to be on a roll, providing low-cost, mission enhancing solutions.

Their lastest is the SHOVE-R shove knife which they describe as a hyper minimalist entry tool designed to be with you when you need it. With a thickness of 1.4mm and a width of 8mm the SHOVE-R is one of the thinnest entry tools you can carry.

So what exactly is this thing? You remember the old “open the door with a credit card trick?” That’s what this is used for. Just a tool in a box, like you see above.

It’s also XRAY passive and can be woven in between PALS webbing bars or just carried wherever.

One Response to “Black Hills Designs SHOVE-R Shove Knife”

  1. Nicco says:

    You actually posted about these in April, but it’s a good product and it’s worth mentioning again. I’ve been really impressed with what’s coming out of Black Hills Designs.