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Edgar Sherman Design – The Notch

The final new product (and the one you’ll see for sale first) Edgar Sherman Design showed me at the recent USASOC Sniper Competition is The Notch.

A customer came to ESD looking for a single support bag for combat work and could be easily carried. The answer is The Notch. It gets its name from one of the many ways it can be employed.

The top of the bag has two loops which act as tie downs and create a notch to support the rifle and prevent shifting during strings of fire. You can use the tie downs to attach to your kit.

The Notch can also be used as a squeeze bag while supporting the butt stock.

They use a four-way stretch fabric body to flex around various objects with a laminate exoskeleton to give structure to the bag.

Loops on the Lower portion of the bag to have two clip in spots and prevent flopping when running. On one side there is also an elastic loop for consistent hand placement, free hand operation and looping over a rifle rail. The grip material has coverage on four sides to increase durability in high wear areas and to prevent slippage while shooting.

They plan to launch with one or two colors but you may see some variants come out as well. I asked them about other sizes and the answer was a solid “maybe” but that this was what was designed to satisfy the initial requirement. I can’t argue with that.

Everything is proudly made in New Hampshire. All components are Berry compliant except the grip material in Brown and Green. Fill is Spex Lite 5125 which is made in USA as well.

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