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ORWM – Barebones Living Pulaski Axe and Folding Shovel

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Two of the greatest things I saw at the recent Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City were the Pulaski Axe and Folding Shovel from Barebones Living.

Pulaski Axe

Based on the wildland firefighter’s best friend, the Pulaski Axe by Barebones Living features an axe head, balanced by an adze, so you can chop wood as well as clear ground. The 21″ wooden handle surrounds a full-length steel rod, capped with a pommel for pounding. The Pulaski Axe comes with a simple leather sheath to protect the head.

Folding Shovel

This folding shovel is a true treasure and I can’t wait until it is available later this year. When I was a kid, the old M-1951 combination entrenching tool was both inexpensive and plentiful. It could be had, in new condition from any surplus store for just a few bucks. We used them camping and my dad kept one in each of the cars, just in case. Unfortunately, the old warhorse has become scarce and they now cost too much to use as they are scooped up by collectors. The current issue tri-fold e-tool is certainly lighter and more compact, but not nearly as user friendly as that old wooden handled model.

Barebones Living took the same tried-and-true adjustable head design we all know, and did one better, they gave their shovel a full-length handle so you can really put it to use. They’ve also included a traditional D-type handle grip for additional control.