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Canipe Correspondence – This week in “America has Gone Crazy…”

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Many of the people I talk to regularly have heard the remark “America has gone crazy” or some more profane variation of it. This week, America in general has proven my point once again with a couple of real disturbing and disappointing moves in the arenas of lawmaking and political maneuvering. We had the State of the Union, new gun control on the table in Colorado and Missouri, murdered SEAL, author, and veterans advocate Chris Kyle was laid to rest, and servicemen who do not serve in direct combat can now get awards higher than the Bronze Star with V. I couldn’t pick one topic this week as I feel strongly about all of these.

The State of the Union. The President telling us how awesome he’s doing. There is a saying, “don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining.” We all got pissed on. Jobs are still in the toilet, his approval is remarkably low, the economy sucks. We are still supporting millions of illegal immigrants with our tax dollars, our hard earned money that could be going to put our kids through college, or paying down mortgages, or saving to open small businesses in our communities. He spends money like my ex-wife and likewise doesn’t make nearly that much, which some of you can relate to I’m sure. Where he’s not spending it is our security, as our military prepares for the most devastating loss of funding in a generation. There are pockets of the military that you may think have a “blank check” so to say. You’re wrong, and our nation’s readiness at all levels is going to be impacted significantly, and our safety at home is directly tied to that. So there’s all that stuff.

In Colorado, and Missouri, the Democrats are operating as per SOP, trying to institute meaningless legislation to curb violence. They haven’t yet figured out that criminals don’t obey laws, and are unlikely to anytime soon. Colorado HB 1224 will stop the sale and manufacture of high-capacity magazines. The Governor addressed his state on Facebook about how important jobs are, while supporting the immediate loss of nearly 1000 jobs, displaced families, and $85 million from his state’s economy if Magpul Industries moves. Even if manufacturing is exempted, CEO Rich Fitzpatrick and COO Doug Smith have stated Magpul will leave CO. As a Magpul employee I couldn’t be more proud to work for the company right now. In Missouri, the agenda is to get all assault weapons/hi-cap mags banned, without a provision for grandfathering. 90 days to turn them in, if it passes. The details of the proposal are available here on Soldier Systems if you scroll back a day or two. I cannot help but question the level of intelligence of a person who thinks that restricting access to something will stop it’s use. Hey, it worked with drugs I guess. Oh wait!

American Sniper author, former SEAL, and veteran’s advocate Chris Kyle was laid to rest this week. Kyle and a longtime friend were gunned down at a Texas ranch while shooting with a Marine vet. It’s a tremendous loss for the community and America in general. The President offered condolences for Whitney Houston, a crackhead entertainer, with no mention being given a short time later to a recipient of two Silver Stars and 5 Bronze Stars. Disgusting, on all counts. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those killed, and I am stunned by such a senseless loss.

There is a new DoD award for eligible personnel called the Distinguished Warfare Medal. It sights higher on a rack than a Bronze Star with “V” device. If you’re not aware, the BSM-V is awarded for valor in combat. How someone not in direct combat could get an award that is higher in precedence than an award for combat heroism is beyond me. Medals are not significant in themselves to me, but as a representation to the lives lost and importance of the men to your left and right I think they hold a place of honor. Someone who was not exposed to that risk, and in turn risked their life for the people around them should not be recognized with a greater award than those that did, plain and simple. I firmly believe awards for valorous actions in direct combat should sit above any other award.

There was a lot of crazy going on this week. I heard the President said Chicago needed better gun laws but there are only so many hours in a day to figure out what kind of insanity the liberals are up to now. I’m signing off til next week, where hopefully there will be something less depressing to write about, like 4-wheelers, machine guns, or the potato gun I’m trying to build in the garage…if it’s still legal then.