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Monday, April 7th, 2014

SS Photo with Guards

Exoskel was developed for when proper climbing technique is superseded by the need for fast and low profile scrambling. Exoskel assists the user to rapidly ascend and negotiate obstacles, whilst offering enhanced stabilization and lower limb protection. The Exoskel features rows of teeth which lock on to terrain and lift the user via a stirrup system up and over obstacles.

Exoskel SS Pri 1

The Exoskel system can also assist the operator by:

– Stabilizing the firing or anchor position on irregular terrain
– Acting as a shin protector – injury prevention
– Perpetrator restraint
– Functioning as a Close Quarter Battle tool

Exoskel SS Pri 2

Exoskel guards hold in excess of 1000 lbs, yet weigh only 1.1 lbs each. They are Berry Compliant, and are made from high specification specialty engineering grade Polyamide which is high impact, puncture, UV, hydrolysis, and flame resistant – UL94 VO rated.