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Army Gets Early Birthday Present

Monday, June 13th, 2011

The Army announced on Friday two significant changes to the Army Combat Uniform. While the Army’s birthday isn’t until the 14th of June many held their birthday balls over the weekend where it was announced to the troops by unit leadership.

Army Photo: Susanna Avery-Lynch

First and foremost, the Chief of Staff of the Army, Martin E. Dempsey announced that the Patrol Cap will become the default headgear for the ACU. According to Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III, who sees himself as the CSA’s “Scout”, the “The voice of the Soldier has been heard”.

“I am a scout for General Dempsey, who asked me to look into everything a Soldier wears from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet,” Chandler said. “These are changes that the field said they wanted to see.”

In a press release found on army.mil, SMA Chandler went on to explain he had spoken with “several thousand” Soldiers and also received comments via social media sites, like Facebook. “I have also discussed this with my board of directors — the most senior sergeants major of our Army,” Chandler said. Post-deployment combat uniform surveys were used as a basis for the changes.”

Please note that the Black beret is NOT going away completely but rather, only as the primary headgear for the ACU. It will however, remain the primary headgear for wear with the Army Service Uniform. The clothing bag will change slightly as Soldiers will only receive one issued beret. Berets may still be worn with ACUs at the direction of the unit commander. As far as we can tell this new direction only applies to the Black beret and not the Maroon, Green, and Tan worn by Airborne, SF, and Rangers. Although most of those guys wear PCs in ACUs already anyway.

The second big announcement is that Name tapes, US Army tapes and skill badges may now be sewn on. But get this, the Name and Army tapes have to be sewn-on OVER the Velcro. Unit patches, skill tabs, and the American flag will still be velcroed onto the ACU. Additionally, pockets will still be closed with Velcro so tell mama to separate her drawers in the wash if she doesn’t want them torn up by the Velcro.

Skill badges, which have been pin-on only up to this point may now be sewn-on as well. Of course this means that your “combat” uniform won’t be so combat if you sew them on, but the garritroopers should all be jumping for joy.

So, despite any goofy rumors you might have heard from someone who read a headline somewhere or half listened to an announcement, Velcro is NOT going away on the ACU.

Oh the irony. It was just a few years ago that the regular Army guys were sewing it on their BDUs and DCUs to look all special anyway. Now they all complain about it. Go figure.

Interestingly, the Army Uniform Board that normally decides such issues doesn’t meet until July so the past assertions by the Army leadership that uniform changes must wait for an AUB are bunk. Apparently, it’s ok to make unilateral decisions when it suits them.

As with all directives from on high, wait for implementing instructions from your unit leadership before complying.