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GI Joe Turns 50

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

During this month’s Toy Fair in New York City, GI Joe creator Hasbro will announce plans to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary that brought the term “Action Figure” into America’s lexicon. Although the brand wasn’t officially unveiled until March 1964, many consider February the true anniversary month.

GI Joe

GI Joes were my most treasured toys growing up and I know it wasn’t just me. During SHOT Show, a friend showed me a photo taken during his youth of his Joes. Although I had a lot of cool toys including Major Matt Mason, Sea Devils and a whole slew Marx war playsets, I’m a 1/6 scale Adventure Team Joe kind of a guy at heart (can you say “Kung Fu Grip?”). The smaller 3-3/4″ versions and comic book came out around the time I was moving on from toys, but I know a lot of guys grew up with them. Now that I’m grown, I’ve rediscovered the originals and really appreciate the memories.

How about we all take a knee and share our toy memories? Here’s one of mine.


Who Had One Of These?

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013


Friday, October 8th, 2010

Behold, a comprehensive overview of the secret G.I. JOE base from the ’82 comic series of the same name. The surface functions as a mild mannered military base, probably home to an armored unit or something else lame. But, the fully functional motor pool leads to the true base underground. In order to maintain perfect cover, it is capable of accomplishing complete ‘lube jobs’; take that as you will.

Buried underground, is your standard secret base affair, complete with garage, Pentagon uplink, training area, armory, and the mandatory computer banks. All standard stuff for a secret lair. But of real interest to me is that there is not only a classified but also a top secret room on the fifth level. How could you beat that? Well, you can. There’s even a hologram room functioning off 1980’s technology. It’s like that tree house you always wanted, but ten times better… and underground.


– Tactical FanBoy