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Dead On Tools

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Dead On Tools Annihilator

Touted as “the ultimate wrecking bar”, the Dead On Tools Annihilator, is quite simply…tough. This lightweight, multi-purpose demolition tool wasn’t intended for breaching operations but with these features, you’d be foolish not to try it:

1. Demolition hammer
2. Nail puller/tile ripper
3. Board straightener
4. Demolition axe
5. Multi-purpose wrench and nail puller
6. Chisel

A member at Usual Suspects Network forum also noted that the jaws on the business end can also be used to open “jammed” door knobs.

Although lightweight, it has taken plenty of abuse here. Additionally, its short enough to not get in the way.

Besides, it just looks cool.

Dead On Tools Annihilator

Get it at Dead On Tools or from Home Depot.