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Raking, Prying, and Ramming…OH MY!

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

The creators of the Jersey Cuffâ„¢ (formerly Dispose-A-Cuffâ„¢), Jersey Tactical Corp, introduce a solution to the standard breaching tool-set including rams, rakes, sledges hammers, bolt cutters, spreaders, steps, axes and more.

Jersey Bootâ„¢

Replacing the typical burdensome, sometimes over 50 lbs, weight of a standard breaching pack and offering additional functionality is the Jersey Boot™ weighing in at just 25 lbs. Made by the American Worker for the American Warrior™ with no moving parts and over 20 uses, the Jersey Boot is designed for use as traditional ram, height differential ram, CQB ram, prying action, fire axe, digging tool, lock buster, chain buster, step, and anything else you can imagine. Catch a glimpse of the Jersey Boot in use by DEA group 5-6 on Spike TV’s new show “DEA”.

Jersey Bootâ„¢

The Jersey Boot is available now in Black, OD Green, Desert Sand, Fire Engine Red, and Fire Engine/Safety Fluorescent Yellow from

Jersey Tactical Dispose A Cuff

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Dispose A Cuff

When you think about disposable cuffs you generally think about Police, but these days the military goes through them on a daily basis. Jersey Tactical developed the patented Dispose A Cuff to solve issues commonly associated with such activities as deployment of disposable cuffs, storage and transportation of cuffs while on a raid or patrol, removal of cuffs from pockets our pouches, and hassles of snaring items such as door knobs and other obstacles. They accomplished this task by developing a cuff with several new features. First, it is approximately half the size of its competitors. Additionally, one of the most innovative features is the self-leveling ring for adjustment so that a cuff is never too tight. The cuff is ratcheted into place and self-levels. This is accomplished via a single pull tab that allows the operator to secure both of the subject’s hands with one pull of a rubber non-slip hand grip at the end to ensure a secure purchase in the event he is wearing gloves or has wet hands.

Dispose A Cuff Comparison with Other Flexcuffs

Jersey Tactical constantly seeks input on their products. Some of the most valuable suggestions have come from Paul Howe owner of CSAT and Retired Special Operator.

The Dispose A Cuff are sold separately or as a tact pack which opens to contain 4 Dispose A Cuffs and a Safety cutter. The safety cutter is critical as so often suspects are accidentally wounded while removing cuffs with items such as pocket knives.

Dispose A Cuff Pouch

Currently the case is Black but other colors are planned for the future.

For more info contact Jersey Tactical.