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Team Mission 22 Three Gun Benefit Match

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016


Team Mission 22 is holding an upcoming 3-Gun Benefit Match on June 25th, at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Kentucky. 100% of the proceeds of the match are going to Mission 22 to help raise awareness and help Veterans suffering from the Veteran Suicide epidemic of 22 a day.

For more information you can go to mission22.com or follow Team Mission 22 on their facebook page and Instagram account where they post shooting videos and information on Veteran suicide.

FB: Team Mission 22


Elder Heart Sandhills / Mission 22 – Crescent Custom Rifles Charity Auction

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Elder Heart Sandhills and Mission 22 have partnered with Crescent Custom Rifles for a charity auction. The funds from this auction will go towards raising awareness for the 22 Veteran suicides that occur each day. One entry is $5, and will enter you for a chance to win a Crescent Custom rifle built to your specifications.

For more information and to enter the raffle visit rallyup.com/ehs-raffle.