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Anti-2A Legislation Introduced in Oregon

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

We received this note yesterday from a reader in Oregon. These legislators aren’t just going after the Second Amendment. Apparently, they don’t think much of the Fourth Amendment either. His note begins with a synopsis of the elements of the proposed legislation and directs us to visit the Oregon Firearms Federation.

You can have ONE “Assault Weapon” with THREE Magazines ALL THE REST have to be turned in, the one you keep along with the 3 magazines will have to be registered and “stored securely” and only shot at a local Range!!

And of course a warrantless in home inspections to make sure it’s safely locked up! These are just some of the Bill!

Link to the OFFA FB & Website page giving more details, we also of course posted it on our FB last night right after we found out about it