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ITS Tactical Single Point Koozie

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

ITS Tactical developed this Single Point Koozie with Zulu Nylon Gear. It’s a very nice application of the style. While they credit OSOE with the original design, I remember as a kid the Life Support guys in my dad’s unit sewing shoulder straps made from tubular nylon on to a Velcro harness affair to hold foam beer coazies circa the early 80s. We had a couple around the house. The idea is old, but this application is well executed.

“While we certainly can’t take credit for the first tactical koozie, that goes to our friend John Willis over at OSOE, with his blessing we’ve created our Single Point Koozie which draws it’s inspiration from the coolest piece of kit from our last Hog Hunt.

These koozies feature MultiCam Jacquard Webbing, MultiCam Loop, removable strap, drainage grommet and even removable ITW QASM buckles to mount it to your belt!”