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Breach Bang Clear Talks Citizenship Through Service, The Starship Troopers Way

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Right up front I’ll tell you I love Heinlein. I haven’t read everything he wrote but I’ve done my fair share. ‘Starship Troopers’ is by far my favorite and I’ve read it over and over. At first reading, it was an amazing book for a young man and still holds up the older I get. One of the concepts set forth in the book is the idea that after a rather destructive world war, the Veterans set about putting society back together and decided that in order to vote, you’d have to have had some skin in the game. The idea is central to the book so naturally it made it into the movie by the same name. Unfortunately, the movie and its sequels, didn’t quite live up to the mentality, or the tech, of the book.

Okay, the movie is a fun romp, but only a Philistine prefers the movie over the book. At any rate, go check out the argument for, or is it against? earning the franchise through federal service.