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Rogue Gunfighter Patch from Rogue American Apparel

Friday, December 7th, 2012


Rogue Gunfighter: “Tego, Sine, Metu” meaning “To Protect/Defend, Without Fear”.

RG is formed by a group of people who have many years and experience in Special Operations, Intelligence and High Threat Security operations. They have been there, working in the worlds most dangerous environments, from Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, South America and Europe. The RG Design. The Skull is flanked by 2 crusader crosses and had a A for “Armatura” Latin for the term used by the Roman Empire to describe Weapons and Tactics. “Tego” Sine” “Metu” is Latin for “To Protect, Without Fear” translating to “one being able to react instinctively without hesitation to a given threat to himself or others” (because of their warrior mindset, developed through training, lifestyle and muscle memory).

Get yours before they’re gone. A portion of proceeds are donated to the Brothers In Arms Foundation.