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Nanuk Cases

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Nanuk Cases is a Canadian firm that is just beginning to gain a following here in the US. They produce waterproof cases for storage and shipping. While they have standard products, everything is customizable including colors and inserts.

One of the biggest advantages to Nanuk Cases is their one-handed Powerclaw Latching System. It is easy to use and the cases can be padlocked to secure your goods. Also, instead of the standard “Nanuk” in the space near the handle Nanuk can mold whatever you want (within size limitations).

One of the coolest features is the ability to attach a shoulder strap. In the buckle guards are mounting points for Nanuk’s proprietary Neoprene shoulder straps which feature Aircellâ„¢ comfort technology and won’t slip off your shoulder. What’s more, the straps are customizable.

The lid locks open thanks to the integrated lid stays so there’s no worry about breaking fragile items or getting hit on the hand or head with a falling lid. The cases are made in Canada and considered trade compliant. Additionally, they ship to US addresses from Nanuk’s facility in Michigan so your cases aren’t hung up in shipping.

While Nanuk’s current line up doesn’t include a rifle case, our friends at Stryke Logistical Group has assured us that one is in development.

NANUK Catalogue

Nanuk Cases can be procured from Stryke Logistical Group.
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