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Adopt a Caisson Horse from The Old Guard

Friday, February 5th, 2016


Two horses from The Old Guard Caisson Platoon are available for adoption:

1. Quincy: Is an 11-year old, black Quarter Horse gelding. His feet have very thin soles which make him sensitive to hard ground when he is not shod. The therapeutic shoe that Quincy must wear limits his ability to be used as a Caisson Horse. 

Quincy is one of the most popular horses in the Caisson Stables. He is known to be very loving and enthusiastic towards visitors and especially children. He could be maintained with proper shoeing and medication. It is recommended that the adopter limit contact with hard ground and endurance riding. He is current for all shots and Coggins test.

2. Kennedy: Is a 16-year old, black Standardbred gelding at 14.3 hands. He was purchased after retiring from racing and groomed as a Caparison Horse for the US Army Caisson Platoon. Following his ceremonial service in Arlington National Cemetery, Kennedy was taken to the Fort Belvoir Training Facility to participate in therapeutic riding with disabled veterans.

Kennedy’s health is excellent. He is up to date on all vaccines and Coggins test. Kennedy’s ideal adopter would be a proficient horseman with horse training experience.

You can find the Horse Adoption Application at:

Direct any questions to the Caisson Platoon at [email protected].