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TrekPak on Kickstarter

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

TrekPak is asking for backers over on Kickstarter. The TrekPak insert “…combines durability, functionality, and simplicity to create a system more versatile than anything currently on the market.”

The creator explains the catalyst for his vision: “While backpacking through Vietnam and Cambodia for 5 weeks with a camera backpack that was uncomfortable, not designed to fit someone my size, and straight up back breaking, I asked myself “Would it be possible to safely carry all my gear in the hiking pack I have at home in a way that is more functional and easier to use than anything else out there?” After months brainstorming over chocolate chip waffles, spending way too much time at REI, and prototyping at the expense of my thumbs, TrekPak was born!”

The TrekPak system uses dividers and pins, not Velcro, and is receiving rave reviews from photojournalists and photographers. It may just be perfect for “adventure journalists” and 84 Charlie MoPics.

What do they call 84Cs nowadays anyway?

Learn more here.