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Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor Maintenance Tool

Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor Maintenance Tool

Samson Manufacturing has introduced what may become the Swiss Army knife of AR15/M16 maintenance tools. With a compact design that stows away securely in any M16A2 pistol grip,and Hogue Rev 2 grip, the tool provides the following items to keep the AR15/M16 series running smooth.

The innovative design features the following tools:

1.Carbon scraping tool
2.Front sight adjustment tool
3.Broken shell extractor
4.Wire brush for bore cleaning
5.Cable to pull brush through the bore.
6.Feed lip gauge
7.Feed lip adjustment tool
8.Flat blade screwdriver
9.Gas feed cleaning tool.
10.Cotter pin hook
11.Strike plate
12.Ampule of oil for one field lube

Models that fit various other grip types are currently under development.

The item is available for pre-order now from Samson Manufacturing. It will be released to the general public on January 30, 2009.

Submitted by Mike Perry

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