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The Multi-Use Rail and Light Mount (MURLM) from Tactical Night Vision Company was designed to integrate a mini red dot (MRD) and a flashlight into a single mount.

TNVC used the following design guidelines when developing the MURLM.

1. To eliminate the “chin welds” of MRD’s mounted high at the 12 o’clock positions and enable the shooter to
maintain a low profile and a solid platform especially while shooting on the move.
2. To offset an MRD at an optimum angle that would only require a very small rifle cant or “look-over” while
maintaining the same cheek weld and could also be used while employing a gas mask. (Specifically the M53).
3. Combine this mounting solution with a lightweight flashlight to avoid separate mounts on a weapon.
4. The flashlight portion of the mount needed to be offset for VG wrap-around activation and also incorporate a very
fast and strong QD system that a user could hand hold light weight lights (i.e. G2’s) and/or attach and remove a
light from the weapon in very short order.
5. The ring system of the light needed to be low profile to transition to a hand hold fighting light if needed that was
easily removed from the weapon.


The MURLM mounts to any Mil Std 1913 rail via a hex screw hard mounting solution which includes a recoil lug for maintaining zero of any optic mounted. 1” variable sized low profile light ring with a proprietary quick detach system. This system uses a small tab release system that releases light from the front of the MURLM.

We took a look at the mount at SHOT Show and it is fantastic. Many other attendees were able to get a hands on feel for the MURLM in the Aimpoint booth where it sported a T-1.


The MURLM is available directly from TVNC. They also have some great deals on packages including Sure Fire lights and Aimpoint T-1s.

Photos courtesy of TNVC.


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