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Infanterist der Zukunft

The German Army was well represented at the recent Association of the United States Army annual convention in Washington, DC. One of the delegation was wearing the German Future Soldier System, Infanterist der Zukunft (Infantryman of the Future) or IdZ.

As you can see, he is wearing the German Army’s newest “TropenTarn” camouflage and is carrying a G36 with an interesting buttstock that we haven’t seen on previous variants. He also is wearing the new helmet seen recently on the Bundeswehr Flickr. Notice the interesting chin strap arrangement which uses the same buckle used by Blackhawk! on their drop leg Serpa. Also, take a look at his right knee. You can just see a black zipper pull. It appears that the Germans use zippers to hold kneepads in their trousers.

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