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ICE Tactical Raising the Bar – Again

Canada’s ICE Tactical is a small company that keeps a low profile. ICE is also well tied in to the latest materials and very much on the edge of new idea development. Consequently, you see things like this; a medium GP Pouch made from 500D Cordura with MultiCam printed pile and and slide fastener. No word yet on when these new materials will be cut completely into the line.


3 Responses to “ICE Tactical Raising the Bar – Again”

  1. murphquake says:

    Is the pile tape a custom job or is that going to be an offered Multicam product? the zipper webbing seems a bit extreme, it’s barely noticeable. Looks pretty cool, nice work ICE

  2. Administrator says:

    As we understand it, these are going to be offered by a couple of firms soon.

  3. Somthingfunny says:

    I agree the pile does look a little “home made ” why got to all that bother with the zipp and then put Brown zipp pulls ?
    Surly MC cord would have been the right stuff to use :)