Fugitive Sought in Gun Sight Couterfeiting Case

According to a story by the Associated Press, and a tip from Tactical Fanboy

An arrest warrant was issued last week for Yongming “Steven” Sui, the 37-year-old chief executive officer of Anaheim California-based Field Sport Inc., who has been charged with counterfeiting about 700 EOTECH gun sights and 200 magnifier systems for sale online, with a retail value of about $475,000, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It is believed he is in China. He faces two felony counts of manufacturing and selling a counterfeit mark and possession of an assault weapon. His business partner Isaac Cheuk Hang Tse, 65, and office manager Pao Sheng Yang, 34, were arrested last week and face the same charges. They are slated to be arraigned April 22.

We have mentioned counterfeit products in the past and how deadly they can be for military, LE and other tactical users. Last time it was counterfeit boots and the time before that tourniquets. This time it’s sights. It is imperative that individual purchasers buy quality products from reputable dealers. It is equally crucial that acquisitions personnel for units and agencies verify that the equipment they are buying is the real thing and actually meets the requirements of the end user. It is too easy for a credit card holder to be duped into purchasing look-a-like items because they are saving a few bucks. Once again, purchase from reputable sources of supply and verify the items are correct upon receipt.


2 Responses to “Fugitive Sought in Gun Sight Couterfeiting Case”

  1. Jack Luz says:

    What is it with these guys? How do they sleep at night, doing such things?

    Back in the days of the Cold War, it used to be the fear of “a Red under the bed”. This was usually referring to the Soviets. Now it looks like the Red Chinese.

  2. Mike says:

    All fake EOTech sights will turn green when you hit the NV button. The sights also emit a detectable light source from the front of the optic that puts warfighters at risk and all those around them as well. The best check for field comanders is to have the soldiers make sure the sight does not change colors when you engage the nv button. These are turning up on the battleground.