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Glockworx Optic Cut Slides Available from Brownells

Mounting mini red dot sights on pistols (GLOCKs in particular) has become very popular. Generally, you have to send your slide into a trusted gunsmith to do the cutout and mounting pin work.

Brownells has worked with Glockworx to stock a line of precut slides for the GLOCK 17. Variants are available for the Doctor (also accommodates Burris FastFire), JPoint, RMR as well as a model for standard iron sights. Regardless of sighting system, all versions of the slide feature front and rear cocking serrations, lowered ejection port, and porting above the front slide serrations. The slides are CNC cut aircraft grade 1704, heat treated stainless steel RC44-46 in a Black DLC coating.


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8 Responses to “Glockworx Optic Cut Slides Available from Brownells”

  1. Ben Branam says:

    I need one of these for G19 with a RMR site. Has anyone used one yet?

  2. John says:

    I need one for G20!

  3. TM says:

    No slot for a BUIS?

  4. MM says:

    i’m with TM – without front and rear BUIS, i wouldn’t use them.

  5. NZ says:

    Bought one for a Burris sight. Works great. Be liberal on your lube during break-in. Make sure you use Loctite on the screws and let it cure for 24 hours or the sight will get loose and lift up from the front. I paired mine with a LW barrel and Carver Comp using a 11lb ISMI Spring using American Eagle 124g FMJ RN. Surprisingly, this setup shoots very accurately. After using Loctite, I managed to shoot my first three shots with all holes touching. I told Glockworx my issue with the sight lifting up. They sent me new screws for free. However, their instructions did not mention use of Loctite. Once I did that, I became a happy camper. Strictly an Open 9mm gun and will not be used for home defense. That’s what the wide body 1911 is for…

  6. jim d says:

    They would sell a lot without the goofy porting, and with BUIS mounts included. I have zero interest in a ported slide, so I will continue to look elsewhere.

  7. Mike M says:

    A simple, unported G19 slide (with or without taller iron sights) would be the ticket. These are race-gun slides for IPSC.

  8. NZ says:

    This is a Racegun Slide. I wouldn’t use it to defend myself with, but Glockworx can melt your stock slide with an RMR optic and retain the stock sight slot. You would have to buy a set of suppressor sights to add height over the RMR. That kind of setup over a Glock 22 or 21 would be worthy of defending yourself with.