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Medford Knife & Tool – USMC EOD-1

During SHOT Show we broke the story about Greg Medford, head honcho at Medford Knife & Tool receiving the official letter form the Marine Corps making the new MKT USMC EOD-1 Knife is the approved replacement for the legacy knife. Designed in cooperation with EOD techs at 29 Palms, the EOD-1 is a thick, solid tool built to hammer, pry, guide wire, probe and of course cut and saw. It is extremely heavy duty.

Here’s Greg talking about the new knife and explaining its features:


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2 Responses to “Medford Knife & Tool – USMC EOD-1”

  1. JP says:

    Congrats, Greg – looks perfect for everything I’ve ever used a knife for in theater: digging/probing in dirt, ripping open C-4 crates, cutting foil bags for C and detonators, and opening care packages. Would be nice to see the other services adopt it. I’m not opposed to large blades, but that definitely looks more practical than the M9/M11 bayonet.

  2. This is one of those things I have absolutely no use for but want two of, on general principal.