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Specialized Tactical Systems

We were initially introduced to Specialized Tactical Systems at SHOT Show 2011 by Crye. For the past several years STS has produced weapons that are literally functional works of art on both engineering and aesthetic levels for Crye Precision sponsored fundraisers. This year’s gun (see below) with the desert digital finish raised $16,000 for the Wounded Warrior Foundation, Unit Scholarship Fund, and Navy Seal Fund.

At this year’s SHOT Show we renewed our acquaintance with STS and got a chance to take a closer look at their wares. We gotta tell you, Specialized Tactical Systems can build a gun. And you want to know how we know? We didn’t just take a look at what they are doing, but also at their customers. Turns out, they hand build rifles for several high end outfits including Craft International. In fact, they’ve been Craft International’s exclusive OEM manufacturer of AR15 and M16 weapons for a few years now.

Craft approached STS in 2009 at TTPOA in San Antonio looking for a high end manufacturer of weapons to do some OEM rifles for them. They didn’t want the standard “builder” of weapons but rather were looking for a Tier 1 weapons manufactured by a company with a record. Since then STS OEMs almost every Piston rifle they offer for Craft to include: Titan E, Titan SF, Titan 300, Titan I and Titan B.

You may have seen photos of Craft’s Chris Kyle carrying a black rifle in the press or in his book, “American Sniper.” That’s right. It’s a Specialized Tactical Systems carbine.

STS also produces custom lowers for certain customers. For more information on the full line of STS TiTAN weapons visit

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