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ACH SLAAP from Velocity Systems

We’ve shown you the Super Light Armor Applique Plate developed by Velocity Systems for the Ops-Core Ballistic FAST Helmet. However, there are far more Advanced Combat Helmets fielded. In fact, there’s an entire Army and Air Force worth out there. Early on in the development of the SLAAP, Velocity Systems produced a variant for the ACH’s geometry.

They produce blanks that are water jet cut to finish and using this process they can accommodate different NVG mounts/shrouds as well as rail systems. The model you see above is cut for a rail and NVG mount that takes up more vertical space than most others. Additionally, a Large/XLarge SLAAP weighs just a pound. Considering it will stop an AK round, that’s impressive.

SLAAP is THE answer to the rifle caliber threat.

SLAAP is economical. You purchase as much protection as you need. There’s no need to buy an entire new fleet of helmets that only stop an arbitrary threat. Both front and rear plates have been developed, and since they are easily attached to and detached from the helmet, SLAAP is scalable. You adapt to the threat and only use the amount of protection you need. SLAAP is effective. It defeats the threat you will see on the street; 7.62 x 39mm FMJ with mild steel core penetrator. Additionally, the technology is adaptable. Because it is a helmet accessory, new versions of SLAAP can be developed as new threats emerge.

Military or Law Enforcement, I encourage you to look at SLAAP if you are facing rifle caliber threats. Chances are very good that Velocity Systems has already built a model to fit your issue helmet. It is a major game changer for the ACH.


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