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Costa Leg Rig – SOLD OUT!


Chris Costa runs a leg rig that utilizes TACO Pouches from High Speed Gear mounted to a dual-strap drop leg panel. TACOs come in different models that accommodate AR10/LR308 mags, AR mags, AK mags, Pistol mags and multi tools or flashlights.

The panel features the Costa Ludus Logo front bottom center.

The Leg Rig consists of –

Padded Leg Panel with a 1-1/2” Adjustable, Non-slip Strap

(2) DTACOS – Double Decker’s

(1) PTACO – Pistol

Available in any color as long as it’s MultiCam from

Note: TACOS are threaded together and cannot be reused in other configurations

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4 Responses to “Costa Leg Rig – SOLD OUT!”

  1. Cool for flat range shooting but the last thing you want on your leg is 5 more lbs of stuff interfering with your mobility.

    Have a good one,

    • Iraq Ninja says:

      This is more like a hip rig than the traditional drop leg rig that we all learned to dislike. For someone who doesn’t like belt mounted mags, nor the drop leg, this is a good option.

      • Either way the pictures and the name show a LEG rig… Do an “O” course in the Costa rig and see how much you like it. When worn, it covers up the cargo pocket making it very difficult to store empty mags or half empty mags (if you choose to hold on to them) during re-loads. I guess you can store your used mags in that other contraption that attaches to your belt that allows you to dump all things useless in.

        It’s a perfect device for the Range Commando’s though.

        Have a good one,

        • Jay The Fillet says:

          Like Iraq said, its not like a traditional drop leg. I have one and I did 3 100 yard sprints to tests it’s movement. It doesn’t sway and stays put. The weight is dispersed thru the two belt straps and the leg strap pretty evenly. So it doesn’t feel like you’re lugging a bowling ball on your leg. You still know something is there especially if you roll on top of it but because its extremely padded its not uncomfortable. And being that its mounted so high on the hip, it doesn’t cover your cargo pocket. Unless you’re super short and small. Costa is a small guy and I’m not that tall either and its still at least 2 1/2″ above my cargo pocket. The biggest con about it is that it is not snag free because of the bungee cords but that doesn’t bother me as much as it does to others.