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Polartec Integral Technology for SOF PCU Lvl 9 Combat Shirt

Polartec, the developer, manufacturer, and marketer of Polartec performance fabrics, has worked closely with US Special Operations Forces and one of their fabrics was chosen for use in the first standard issue combat shirt developed specifically for the needs of SOF.

Designed by Patagonia, the Special Operations Forces’ (SOF) Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) Level 9 Shirt is currently being fielded to all US SOF users, and will enhance their combat advantage in the world’s most hostile conditions.

Designed to be worn next-to-skin, the new PCU level 9 combat shirt integrates Polartec Power Dry fabric in the shirt’s torso to provide moisture management, breathability, stretch, quick drying and comfort. Power Dry features a patented bi?component knit construction with two yarns. One picks up the sweat from the skin and the other disperses the sweat to the outer layer to rapidly dry it. It moves 30% more moisture than single component fabrics.
The Power Dry used in Level 9 is printed in a variety of camo patterns and also offers FR properties.

“Polartec is very proud of our longstanding development relationship with the Special Operations Forces. We are constantly challenged by the extreme performance that Operators demand of their clothing and equipment. These men are the tip of the spear of our country’s projection of power and always exhibit remarkable ability and patriotism. To be selected by this very demanding customer is a tribute to the abilities of the research and development team at Polartec who are honored to help support our warfighters.” said David Costello, Polartec Business Manager.

Polartec fabrics are found throughout PCU; in levels 1, 2, 3, 3A, and now 9. Additionally, Polartec offers numerous fabric solutions including wicking base layers, to insulation layers, to extreme weather protection and are utilized by the best clothing brands in the world


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