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Blue Force Gear Releases The Greatest Generation Cap


Blue Force Gear has really hit a home run with this new cap. I say new because it’s new to them but the styling is All American. When I was a little kid in the early 70s, my uncles played baseball. They were fanatics about it and had woolen baseball caps which I would “borrow”, and I think they too had gotten them as hand-me-downs. As soon as I saw my first Greatest Generation Cap from BFG I was immediately taken back to those days. This a real American icon, worn by men we could all look up to.


Blue Force Gear gives us a little history of these babies…

Seventy years ago, on the factory floor and the battlefield, America’s greatest generation was hard at work making the world safe for democracy. In their precious down time they played baseball, often wearing ball caps customized with their unit and company logos. Blue Force Gear is honoring that tradition by bringing back their cap. This is no regular store bought cap – just like the 1940’s originals, Blue Force Gear’s Greatest Generation Cap is made from 12oz wool broadcloth with horse hair canvas front stiffening and a leather head band adorned with the new BFG logo in grey felt on the front.

Made in America!

BFG Greatest Generation Cap

You might note that these have a flat bill. That’s how they used to come. The wearer rolled the bill so that it would take a distinctive shape and shield the eyes from the sun.


4 Responses to “Blue Force Gear Releases The Greatest Generation Cap”

  1. jack says:

    Way to go John!
    Vintage is the new modern 😉 good job BFG.

  2. Rob Collins says:

    I’m envisioning one with the 3rd Marine Division insignia for Dad!!! Investigating….

  3. M'Arc says:

    Awesome idea, looks great guys! Nicely done!

  4. mitori says:

    Don’t want to wear a large crosshair on my head, thanks.