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Beyond Announces M9 Medic Pant

M9 Medic Pant

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At SOMA, Beyond announced the new M9 Medic Pant. The pant is made from milspec 50/50 NyCo Ripstop and features a hook and loop waistband, open hand pockets with mesh lining, universal kneepad pockets, back of knee hook and loop tightening system, and hook and loop ankle closure. However, the primary feature of the M9 Medic Pant is the oversized left and right front facing thigh cargo pockets, designed specifically to fit an IFAK. This placement is optimal because medics often function in a kneeling position when dealing with patients.

Phokus Low Vis Trauma Kit

Interestingly, this pant was developed for use with the Lo Visibility SONS Trauma Kit from Phokus Research Group, which was a customer-driven request. And while these pants are cool, it really demonstrates the flexibility of Beyond in creating user-specific solutions. I overheard several conversations with potential customers at SOMA and this modification really got the creative juices flowing for those who saw it. Beyond is a very dynamic company and I recommend you talk to them if you are looking for a custom clothing solution.

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12 Responses to “Beyond Announces M9 Medic Pant”

  1. Doc says:

    Would have been nice if there was a pocket to hold trauma sheers like civilian paramedic pants currently have, these pants are just a way to get you buy the ifak they sell so you can put it in the pocket designed for it.

    • JJ says:

      Agreed. I’ve asked a few companies for that option and have yet to see anything.

    • Justin @ Beyond says:

      Hey Doc,

      The inclusion of a trauma sheer pocket/stow space is a great piece of feedback. I will forward that to our design team.

      Please keep in mind we are not trying to sell you on any one IFAK. The version seen above was based on an end user request. If you have any suggestions on low profile IFAKS (or any other feature requests/product ideas) feel free to send them our way. [email protected]


  2. Jes says:

    May be a bit off the subject, but 225 dollars (their price) for an “enhanced” BDU top seems quite excessive. Wonder what they will charge for these?

    • SSD says:

      Considering they are bespoke that price isn’t outrageous. You sound like stock size, standard feature kind of a guy. There are lots of options out there.

  3. Devdoc says:

    Saw them out at SOMA. The idea is great. For the SOF Medic it works. The presenter walked us through the concept and we are interested to see where it goes. Phokus is doing good things and happy to see the partner with more brand. Immediate treatment is key.

  4. C.B. says:

    So essentially a modified Crye pant. Wonder if the same ifak contents would fit in standard Crye combat pants

    • SSD says:

      These pockets aren’t on a Crye version of combat pants. However, you could easily put plenty of kit in the various pockets on the G3 pant. It’s just that it wouldn’t be right at your finger tips when you kneel down to render aid.

  5. Devdoc says:

    The combination of the kit and ergo placement that works. Its 1st line gear concept. Low -prow quick acces. Crye’s great but they wont do this ask them to. We did from AF , got the negative from them.

  6. Sumdude101 says:

    Those pants look like knock off Crye pants. I get the concept but no legit guy would ever buy these. Sounds to me like the guys who did this have no imagination, let alone field experience. It’s like putting bullets in your cargo pocket and calling them ammo pants.

  7. G says:


    It’s very rare that you find a company that builds exactly what the paying customer wants to fit their mission, in America, for a reasonable price. Given years of history making rapid prototypes, responding to operational needs, and generally delivering a kick ass product on an extremely short time frame, I have no doubt the 2d, 3rd, and infinite generations of these pants will be nothing short of what we expect from you.

  8. Justin says:

    Before I read Doc’s comment, I was also thinking about shears. Study the side pockets of the 5.11 EMT pants. They are very comfortable, flexible, and practical pants. Wore these as a civilian medic and it was great to have some shears and hemostats handy. They also have a lower leg pocket that I used for some dressings and a roll of 1/2 in tape. The thigh pockets are a good idea. I worked on very few patients while standing upright. It would be great to integrate these features and still have clearance for a holster and external knee pads. Looking forward to seeing what develops.