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Executive Protection Dogs, A Learning Curve!

This is a guest post from the CEO of Intelligent Protection, regarding the use of ‘Executive Protection Dogs’.

Having been involved in the security and protection industry for a number of years, I was bemused at a client from the US traveling with Executive Protection Dogs.

Not much use in London, Paris and Rome right? No, Very wrong!

As not only the owner of Intelligent Armour, but also of intelligent Protection International Limited, (a UK based close protection company), I see many different things and many different places. So, a client of mine tells me that he is bringing over to Europe two working Executive Protection Dogs to assist in the role of protecting the principle and his family – I thought he was mad and that it was a waste of time and his money. I was very much mistaken.

Seeing these Dogs and handlers in action is awesome, total concentration. A pair of working dogs in a crowded London street in theatre land, something to see.

I cannot tell you how professional these dogs and handlers were. Ultra professional and my mind is totally changed about the use of Dogs in this roll. If you are in a country where carrying firearms is not permitted, then one of these highly trained dogs is the next best thing. As an addition to a close protection or executive protection team, hell yes and well worth the money, time and effort.

A colossal shout out to Vohne Liche Kennels http://www.vohneliche.com

For more information about Intelligent Protection International Limited see:

http://www.intelligent-protection.co.uk or http://www.intelligent-protection.fr

3 Responses to “Executive Protection Dogs, A Learning Curve!”

  1. Palehorse1 says:

    K9’s are some of the hardest working participants on the battlefield and they never cease to amaze me with their willingness to work and perform well.

    Always good to hear positive feedback coming back about them.

  2. Vic says:

    K9 teams are some of the most misunderstood and under utilized assets out there. While they are definitely not a foreign concept in today’s LEO/MIL/Security professions, their implementation is often over seen by administrators who are very unfamiliar with discipline. That often leads to both deployment limitations and unattainable expectations. K9 teams cover a wide spectrum of applications; Tracking, Detection (bomb/narc/human/whatever), area/perimeter security, personal protection, patrol, swat… You name it and they can do it. Like every special team, there are considerations that must be accounted for. However, the positives far out way the few negatives. I’m happy that your experience was positive and hope that in the future you will consider utilizing them.

  3. Desert Lizard says:

    Dogs’ sensory abilities are unbelievably good. Dogs of any size can be security tools for stationary locations – they don’t have to be attack dogs; both small and large dogs can sense the threat and alert you.