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Warrior East – Wild Things Poncho

Wild Things has introduced a version of the classic GI Poncho; new coated snaps, corner grommets, and same coated material in MultiCam but no waist drawstring. The hood has an internal, elastic drawstring so it can be adjusted for weather, or closed up for use as a shelter.



5 Responses to “Warrior East – Wild Things Poncho”

  1. SVGC says:

    Now this could be pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind picking one up and trying it out. I’ve been wishing that Hill People Gear would make a modernized poncho that would work cohesively with their mountain serape, would love to have a more modular version of the classic ranger roll. Until then this looks like it could be pretty nice.

  2. Jason says:

    Just need a Wild Things poncho liner to go with it.

  3. Ex Coelis says:

    Thanks to the closet-full of the Wild Things Tactical gear I use, I never complain about any pending weather forecast – I just dress for it…
    Thank you Wild Things for adding yet another piece of ‘essential kit’ to your already replete line of gear and thank you SSD for posting yet anther great article on forthcoming kit!