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TangoDown / Vickers Tactical Glock – 43 Slide Racker

TangoDown is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Vickers Tactical lineup! Announcing the GSR-02 Slide Racker for the popular single stack 9mm Glock™ 43.

Just like its predecessors, the GSR-02 has small serrated wings at the slide’s end. This feature allows for positive cycling against your belt, holster, or heel quickly when you’re restricted to a single hand. The GSR-02 is also an outstanding upgrade for those who struggle with arthritis, have smaller hands, or reduced hand strength. The GSR-02 is large enough to provide advantage, but still small enough to be unnoticed in concealed carry holsters.

-Tough, stainless steel & injection molded glass reinforced nylon construction
-Subtle, extended ‘Wing’ shape with serrations makes for easy slide cycling, even under stress
-Installs in minutes, without any weapon modifications

MSRP: $18.95

Visit www.TangoDown.com for more information on the GSR-02.

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6 Responses to “TangoDown / Vickers Tactical Glock – 43 Slide Racker”

  1. JKifer says:

    Bought the G19 version thinking if it didn’t work out that it wasn’t too much money wasted. I’m glad I bought and installed it. The upgrade is solid, doesn’t interfere with weapons performance, and ultimately does what its supposed to.. aid the shooter in performing stressed non slide lock reloads in a more proficient manner.

  2. Joe G says:

    Proudly copied from the VP9

  3. Gerard says:

    Its a valid modification for anyone who has issues manipulating a Glock slide. Glock is such an adaptable pistol, its why it remains the most commonly used pistol in the world

  4. Joglee says:

    Is this a G42/G43 thing? Cause you know that crap extended mag release sucks on the G43…does not fit the G43.