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Black Aces Tactical Announces Po’ Boy AR15 Suppressor for Just $199

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Black Aces Tactical (BAT), an American manufacturer best known for its patented custom shotguns, is excited to announce the release of the company’s new Po’ Boy suppressor for 5.56 AR15.

At just $199 retail – with even the least expensive silencers on the market coming in at nearly double the price – customers are finally now able to purchase a quality suppressor at less than the cost of the required NFA tax stamp.

“For years, the suppressor industry has been producing an increasingly complex and costly product with little change in performance,” said Eric Lemoine, CEO of Black Aces Tactical states. “We were confident we could manufacture a simple yet rugged product that meets and surpasses expectations, while being affordable for gun owners.”

Named the Pro Series 56 “Po’Boy,” partly for its price and partly as a nod to Lemoine’s Louisiana roots, the suppressor features a number of details only found on much more pricy models offered by other manufactures.

Perhaps more intriguing than its cost is its efficiency. The Po’Boy quiets the 5.56 AR15 by more than 30 decibels. It’s fully automatic-capable on both 16” and limited 12” barrel lengths and boasts a 2,000-degree Cerakote finish. Further, to combat a top complaint about suppressors, the Po’ Boy was designed to be fully serviceable with an AR15 stock wrench.

“Through ingenuity and innovation, Black Aces Tactical has used a combination of time-tested design and modern technology to produce a suppressor that is as strong as it is quiet and affordable,” said Lemoine.

For more information about Black Aces Tactical, contact Eric Lemoine at 407-630-9359, email, or visit


62 Responses to “Black Aces Tactical Announces Po’ Boy AR15 Suppressor for Just $199”

  1. ptmccain says:

    $200 + $200 tax stamp = still a smoking deal.

  2. REMF Tacticool says:

    Sure love to see what that looks like inside. Moderators always seemed a little pricey given the small number of parts and this is a BIG ol’ price gap, which always makes one wonder.

  3. P.J. says:

    What’s the overall length? It looks huge in the photos.

  4. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    LOL omg what a piece of junk. The race is off. The race to the bottom of the market where sub par, under performing silencers will fill the market.

    This is nothing special, all they did is make a barely hearing safe silencer as inexpensively as possible so that….IF HPA PASSES. KEY WORD BEING IF. They can bring their volumes up.

    Measurement at Muzzle – 135dB out of a 16inch barrel…
    Weight – 25 OZ
    Length 8 in

    No thanks, I’ll spend the extra cash on a silencer with a lifetime warranty, that is lighter, quieter, lasts longer, and is rated for more abuse, from a reputable company with a history of making silencers.

    This is an absolute joke. Why buy pieces of shit when you can buy a quality product from so many other companies with a history of quality and performance.

    • JoshPuncher says:

      Lighten up, Francis.

    • Stefan S. says:

      Opinions are like a-holes. We’ve got one here.

    • Eric Lemoine says:

      You might be surprised to know rhat some big name cans hover around 140 decibels. Don’t be fooled by the price point.

      • HSR47 says:

        You might be surprised to know that pretty much all companies making firearm mufflers do everything in their power to inflate their DB reduction numbers.

        When someone comes along with garbage can like this one, those numbers are almost certainly nothing more than marketing BS. Remember how JJFU was claiming that their can reduced the audio signature to 85 dB? This is probably very much like that, just not quite as brazen.

      • Frank Castiglione says:

        The only person getting fooled is you if you think the knowledgable silencer owners believe your db ratings. However, if you are indeed getting those numbers, the back pressure must be absolutely punishing! LOL

        • Eric Lemoine says:

          All testing done with properly adjusted Seekins ADJ gas blocks. 135-136Db

    • Dark Molli says:

      He probably works for one of the over priced silencer companies.

    • PTMcCain says:

      Wow…why so mad bro?

      • HSR47 says:

        Maybe he works in the industry at the retail level. Maybe he has to deal with the people who buy this kind of junk, and their complaints (which they probably wouldn’t have if they had gotten something decent to start with). Maybe he’s sick of it.

        In my experience, the jokers making bargain basement cans are some of the most unprofessional people in the industry: I’ve never seen an improperly shipped Title II firearm from any of the real silencer companies, but at least one of these little BS companies has shipped us stuff highly improperly on at least 2-3 occasions, and we’ve only ever had three of their cans in for transfer.

        • Eric Lemoine says:

          Actually JJFU claim that they’re suppressor was giving a report of only 76 decibels. The po-boy suppressor gives a report of around 135 to 136 decibels measured with a calibrated bruel & kjaer 2209 impulse sound meter, and 4136 microphone. Testi was done to Mil 1474D standard. What separates this can from many is that the actual testing they was filmed and is now on YouTube.

        • Todd Gerritzen says:

          oh, hes sick and tired of dealing with customers? aww, poor baby! theyre hiring at Wal Mart!

    • bob says:

      Its a tube with baffles

    • Frank Castiglione says:

      Exactly correct TRO, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Jeff says:

      Omg just shut the fuck up ! There are price points for everyone. So it’s the kia of silencers get over it. All of the shit you stated could have been done by simply moving on but you clicked the link to see it and then decided your elitist comment was needed.

  5. 2W051 says:

    I have a small gun business and I have had real expensive suppressors and I have tried the cheaper price point ones just to see how well the work. Most of the lower end cans seem to work just as good or even quieter than big name brands. The major difference I have noticed is the lack of a quick connect or the ability to buy a flash hider that goes with it but with that said I’m not Rambo. I am not running a suppressed gun everyday. I use it when I go shooting with my son. These people that think they have to have the most expensive can out there are probably the same guys doing the tuck and roll in his back yard. I have a 30cal all in one and he threw in a 22LR one just for the hell of it for under $400. They work great. I love that Black Ace Tactical has given the middle finger to the big names…good for you.

    • HSR47 says:

      It’s not a price issue, it’s a quality and support issue.

      Why should I buy a shitty can like this or from Rebel for ~200 + shipping, transfer fee, and excise tax when I could instead buy something decent for not that much more?

      Hell, the last time I saw Police-trade Gemtech Trek silencers the asking price was under $300.

      If you’re on a really tight budget you can still get a half-decent can without breaking the bank; You don’t have to stoop to stuff that’s barely a half-step above a gun show “solvent trap.”

      • Eric Lemoine says:

        I guess my question to you is how exactly would you know anything about the silencer then what has been printed thus far?

        • Frank Castiglione says:

          Based on the specs alone you can tell this is designed and made on the cheap. The weight being the first indication. Then the specs say this is double walled which explains the weight. Why double wall? Cheaper materials. It’s also all threaded, no need for machine time or experience to assemble. This is more like a parts kit silencer, which at $200 is more expensive than it should be.

          • Eric Lemoine says:

            Again how would you know, none of that information has been released to date. And it was clearly made to a price. A $199 price. Tell the high ups and Gemtech I said Hello.

            • Facio says:

              And this thread shows 1st hand how 90% of the suppressor/silencer market/buyers r snobby know it alls while the other 10% r sitting back wondering why these ppl r such snobs, why is it they act like they r better than the next guy and the products that they buy r better than anybody else product? What next, going to start knocking the guy with the clone rifle bcuz he didnt get every single little part correct like you did???jerkoffs

              • Eric Lemoine says:

                The poayer is talking about Police trade Gemtechs. He’s in the big suppressor industry. Hence his attitude. I encourage people to buy insanely expensive suppressors, if they want to. Buy if they don’t want to pay through the nose, we’ve got a solid alternative.

                • HSR47 says:

                  I’m not “in the big [silencer/muffler] industry” — I may sell them, but I don’t get kickbacks or a commission for those sales. In other words, I do not directly profit from what I sell.

                  I just want my customers to be happy, and my experience with a wide selection of silencers from all levels of the market strongly influences the recommendations I make.

                  I am certainly biased against this muffler based on it’s size, weight, construction, and pricepoint; My experience suggests that it will offer disappointing performance and/or durability. That would be entirely acceptable if HPA passed, but not before.

                  That being said, if/when I get the chance to handle and/or hear one of these at the range, I will evaluate it on it’s merits, and I am open to the possibility that I may be pleasantly surprised.

                  Also, remember how I talked about the lack of professionalism I have seen from companies in the bottom-end (although not exclusively there) of the silencer market? Casting aspersions on people who dismiss your product is not a professional response. It’s not quite as unprofessional as illegally shipping silencers, but it’s still not what I would consider professional conduct. I get that people don’t like it when their hard work is attacked by a bunch of “keyboard commandos,” but the professional response is to rise above it, and to keep your cool. Your response to me above listing the testing equipment/procedure was a fairly professional response, whereas most of your replies to me in this subthread have not met that bar.

                  • Eric Lemoine says:

                    Call us today tp talk about getting some in your hands, you’ll not only be pleasantly surprised, you’ll be impressed as yo whay this suppressor can do

  6. Brainweaver says:

    And which of those “reputable companies with a lifetime of making silencers” do you work for?
    Sounds a lot like a three-year-old’s jealousy tantrum to me.

  7. dadeosr says:

    Why bag on something so hard that you have no real info on why not wait to see if its worththe money no one would be eexpecting the best can they have ever seen aat that price but if it brings down the noise level great and customer service will probably be OK he stands to gain by staying in contact with his customers cause evrone knows word of mouth can make it break a start up at that price I will try one for 5.56 and one for the kids 22lr and draw my own conclusions

    • Eric Lemoine says:

      It’s he works for or is a major dealer for one of the larger suppressor manufacturers. The shills have been coming over to our facebook page with near carbon copy posts.

    • Facio says:

      Same here Im willing to give it a try, if its anywhere near the noise reduction of my sico I will be extremely happy, if not oh well, its worth a try, I cant drop $600 plus the $200 every day like some of these snobs

  8. NoneOfYourBiz says:

    I am a dealer and have sold several of their shotguns and have no issues with them and my customers love them.
    As far as suppressors go what most people don’t realize is most manufacturers of silencers want the HPA to pass so they can charge the public 3-4 times the amount they are charging now. You will think a $200 tax stamp and an 8 month wait is nothing if they are allowed to unleash on the public once they have re-classified them.
    People like Eric who are investing their time and money to come up with a silencer that will fit every budget is a threat to the large manufacturers who have the market cornered.
    If you don’t then no so just look at how the people who manufacture and sell solvent traps have been harassed by the ATF. Those items are a threat to the major silencer manufacturers so they pay money to politicians who put pressure on the ATF to raid these companies but have you seen any of them being prosecuted? No, it’s more of a scare tactic to eliminate the competition so the big companies can make all the money and charge the people as much as they want to.
    Wake up people. Anyone on here attacking him and his product with limited information has an agenda and that agenda is to try and stop a small guy from cutting into their profits.
    This is America you have the freedoms to choose hopefully you will choose to support someone that is trying to help you obtain the same or better level of noise suppression at a price we all can afford and recognize how far large manufacturers will go to destroy their competitors

    Eric I will he calling you this week to discuss getting some of these for my customers to demo

    • SSD says:

      The reality is that if HPA passes, suppressor prices will initially rise, for up to 18 months while demand outstrips supply, but then the bottom will fall out of the suppressor market and dedicated suppressor companies will most likely fold due to a saturated market. Every gun manufacturer will offer their own suppressors.

      • BlueGreenRainbowWarrior says:

        Not that I think HPA has a chance in living hell of passing, BUT now is a great time to purchase a suppressor as there are good rebates + good sales going on. I think you are spot on the money about what COULD happen if the HPA was to pass though.

      • BillC says:

        I think in the long run, deregulation will spur innovation in ways we can’t foresee yet. Just look at what happened with the setting of the AWB and the AR15, and everything that happened with the AR in terms mags and optics. It might not be as dramatic. While suppressor companies may collapse, there will still be a demand for those workers and designers.

    • Eric Lemoine says:

      You got it, I think you’ll be very impressed.

  9. Adam, The suppressed says:

    There seems to be a lot of anger here today so i have decided to leave my comment since a lot of people don’t really understand what is going on here.

    Firstly there is nothing wrong with this suppressor. If it does what it can do then that is awesome, but it is not a performance piece, it is a costume. This is demonstrated in the video when you have Mr. Call of Duty firing a full auto rifle with the can on it. The whole thing is a costume! You have a 300 pound bald guy in a tactical vest and shorts doing his best to look cool. This is a product for people who want to have the cool look with out paying the price.

    And… there is nothing wrong with that.

    Guns (suppressors) are a lot like cars. You have the people who can afford the Lamborghinis and the Bugattis and you have the people who can afford the Hondas and Toyotas. Sure a Veyron is a really cool car with outstanding performance but if all you are doing is going to the store a Civic would do just as good.

    Is it as good as a Thunder Beast Arms or Gemtech suppressor? No, not at all. It will never match the accuracy, sound reduction, weight, or durability of the higher end suppressors. But for the guy driving a 1980s F250 in his third hand third world country plate carrier vest held together with tape it doesn’t have to be the best. All it has to do is look cool while he throws his firework store smoke grenades at reused paper targets.

    • Eric Lemoine says:

      I think sir that you may be misinformed. The video is clearly a testing and shakedown video. The can has to hold full auto in order to be legitimate. Also the gentleman firing the weapon was not wearing a tac vest. I might suggest you research a tac vest to see what one looks like. He is actually wearing armor plate. This is required when destructive testing.

      • Adam, The suppressed says:

        Dear sir or mam.

        Mr. COD there was wearing an armor plate vest with MOLE loops on it for accessories mostly used in tactical operations… tac-vest… But i digress. While most reputable companies do their testing in a lab with people in wearing jump suits (, you chose a fat GI Joe to demonstrate your products. I would wager that he is wearing it to look “cool” for the fact he leaves his face rather uncovered during the “destructive tests where armor plate body armor is required”. I am a firm believer to “train the way you fight”, but Mr. COD needs to put down the XBox and put some time in the gym for anything that he is doing to be believable.

        As for the product I am sure it is alright, just like a Civic; good from far but far from good. There is a demographic of Keystone drinkers who probably could afford this between child support and traffic tickets. Even the name “Po’ Boy” suggests this is for people who can count all their teeth with one hand, if they could count.

        I am sure BAT is upset that Mossberg and Remmington cut the market from under them with the “not short barrel” short shotgun (Shockwave and the 870 Tac-14) selling for a third of the cheapest BAT shotgun and this is their way in trying to get back in the market; more power to them. Jobs are hard to come by especially for machinists. I hope they sell so many that they really get people excited for good suppressors when they realize that there is more to shooting than just pulling the trigger. That will be good for everyone.

        • Eric Lemoine says:

          Jumpsuits? Well maybe that’s your first problem “industry man”. You test in laboratories while we ground pound. I’m sure you’re in meetings all day today trying to figure out a way to combat the PoBoy and how to discredit it. But at the end of the day, it’s here and it’s got an overwhelming response. More than we ever thought. I hope to see you at a live fire event soon, come up and introduce yourself. Don’t be afraid of our little PoBoy. :)

          • Adam, The suppressed says:

            So you assume that I work with a company that produces suppressors? Well i hate to break it to you but I don’t. However I do own several suppressors from companies like Gemtech, AAC, TBAC, SilencerCo, and I have a demo from OSS (that is a cool one, I really like it). All I can say is as a consumer I know my way around a suppressor. I know the good from the bad and the cheap from the over priced. Anyone can put baffles in a titanium tube and quiet a rifle down but it is the ACCURACY that plays a big factor. Any suppressor that you can take apart is going to be less accurate than one that is fixed. TBAC mastered this and they make by far the most accurate suppressors on the market, for a steep price, but you know when you put it on your rifle it will still be as accurate as it is with out it. My Gemtech is a tank! I would bet that thing would last through the apocalypse and it is accurate to boot. The OSS is one of the coolest running suppressors i have seen on the market and anyone who has a label branded on the palm of their hand can see the advantages to that. The AAC Ti-Rant works well on my FNX and it is good enough for a pistol; probably the worst of my suppressor collection but far from being a bad one.

            So what do we know about yours? Its cheap. We don’t know if it is accurate; we dont know if it is durable, we dont know anything about it. The reason is because you are marketing it to people who don’t know anything about shooting. Your have marketed this to people that think they are a good shooter by being able to hit the half drunk bear from their friend’s hand at 10 yards. Po’ Boy, that name does not speak of anything but literate people who are under economic strain; then you have bubba red neck Mr. COD demonstrate the “Po’ Boy” wearing shorts and a “plate carrier” (which you have lied about being a necessity for testing when clearly shorts and an uncovered face should have been taken into consideration if it were true) to appeal to the people who are “tacticool arm chair mall ninjas”.

            You want to know, really want to know, why people are downplaying this product? It is a product with no self respect! The name, the demo video, hell even Mr. COD all indicate that this is a toy for people who have no clue what shooting is. To them it is about acting out movie scenes, looking cool, and making noise. 100 yard shots? That’s too far away from the beer cooler! Its a joke, a great big joke.

            I don’t want a suppressor that is nothing more than a joke especially from a company that takes that joke seriously.

            • Eric Lemoine says:

              We know you are working with a major suppressor company on some level. It’s 1. clear, and 2. we just got a phone call about you. We know what’s going on, trust me.

              So, I’ll say this. We’ll never be as good as the big names at a $199 price point. But praise the Lord that the customer has the option of going with a much more expensive option. Like yours. But hey, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Thanks for the input, “industry man”.

              • Adam, The suppressed says:

                Please tell me what, suppressor company I work for?

                • Eric Lemoine says:

                  You tell me, brotha’. People say things without saying it, you see, You’ve said a lot.

                  • Adam, The suppressed says:

                    So, you lied again. You said received a phone call about me, about who I work for but when asked to validate the statement you can’t produce anything.

                    Everything you have done everything you have said is based on lies. Your suppressor is garbage and you can’t even prove otherwise.

                    You are doing your company wonders.

                    • Eric Lemoine says:

                      it’s okay to be threatened, I understand. But that’s okay, welcome to the new normal. $199 556 suppressor? Oh hell yes. Giving the people what they want.

  10. Chris from Cali says:

    Does anyone here coming down on these budget suppressors actually have any experience with them? Should we not expect that same crowd that shoots seldom and doesn’t want or can’t afford to spend a bunch of money on their rifle to also want the ability to quiet their shooting for a budget? Not everyone needs a super tough barrel. I’m going out on a limb here and assuming not everyone is going to need a can that can handle military trials or combat-like abuse. Why the uproar over a compromise product?

    • Eric Lemoine says:

      We have a sneaking suspicion many if those who pan the PoBoy have some connection to some of the biggest name suppressor companies

      • Adam, The suppressed says:

        “We have a sneaking suspicion many if those who pan the PoBoy have some connection to some of the Russian hackers” – Hillary Clinton

        • Eric Lemoine says:

          Umm.. yeahhh…

          • AdamsAnAss says:

            It seems kinda obvious to me someone feels the need to talk down a product they have never used in order to justify to themselves all the money they have spent in the past. I didn’t see anywhere that this product claimed to be the best ever made. Why attack it? Why not just be proud that you paid for the Bentley and dont have to buy what you call the Honda. You are the guy who feels like he has to be in a contest. RELAX. Plenty of people will be interested in a lower price point. I hope some some of the Honda manufacturers drive down prices so that your Bentleys drop in price too. You sound like a jealous loser. Get over yourself.

            • Adam, The suppressed says:

              Well here is the thing. The suppressor market is filled with quality items, as a matter of fact I am not sure what a bad suppressor would be. Even the cheap ones are made well.

              Here we have this $200 one. Obviously made at a huge loss or from cut rate materials and craftsmanship probably both. It is the first garbage on what would be a pristine market.

              • Eric Lemoine says:

                How would you know, Mr. Silencer Industry? You’ve never run one of our suppressors.

                • Adam, The suppressed says:

                  Don’t really think I have to. Your demo video, your comments, the way you lie all the time all kind of prove your products are worthless. Who would want to buy a second rate product from a guy who lies about his product when confronted with questions that would prove his product is garbage?

                  • Eric Lemoine says:

                    Nice try “Industry”. Try again. Bring your line of cans out and I’ll bring ours. We may not be better, but we can hang.

                    • Adam, The suppressed says:

                      There you go telling lies again. I will look for your product at the reclamation center.

    • HSR47 says:

      I don’t have any experience with this particular muffler, but I do have experience with some other “mufflers” in the same price tier.

      On the whole, I was unimpressed with virtually everything about those transactions: First, rather than just listing an email/fax number for us to send in our FFL/SOT, the manufacturer wanted us to jump through all kinds of hoops. Strike one. Next, they shipped us silencers illegally. Twice. Strike two. Finally, the design/construction of their “mufflers” is laughably bad — basically just a bunch of aluminum cups that screw together. Bad material choice, bad design, and the durability/performance are almost certainly bad too. Strike three.

      It’s entirely possible that the manufacturer and product being discussed in this article are of a significantly higher quality level, and I certainly hope that they are; The last thing this industry needs is more junk/junk peddlers.

      I’m certainly open to the possibility that this product has a legitimate place on the market given the status quo of federal regulation of firearm mufflers, but I will remain pessimistic on that point until I get the chance to see and use this particular product.

      • Eric Lemoine says:

        They are actually very good for the price. If you us face to face, you would find thay we are obsessive about quality and a quality product. As far as the.can, the quote around the shop is “this can is giving so much more than we ever asked of it”. As it turns out, simple works.

  11. Mike Nomad says:

    Thanks, Eric for introducing a Tax Stamp Priced Suppressor. I am now interested in messing around with them a lot more. It’s a shame that it appears as though all the people talking the product down haven’t actually used one. It is obvious that part of what is keeping the price down is by doing Nuttin’ Fancy.

    Personally, I like my po’ boys big and heavy. Parkway, Baby. Every damn time I’m in NOLA.

    • Eric Lemoine says:

      You got it. We don’t give the customer a fancy box nor do we manufacture our suppressors out of moonrock and meteorite. We give you one hell of a good can for the price. And come the 27th, at the shoot when were there with 11 other suppressor manufacturers, we’re going to find out what’s what