Magpul – Spring 2017 Apparel and New Hats Now Shipping

Several new Magpul clothing and headwear items are now shipping.

Magpul Wordmark Patch Mid Crown Snapback Hat

Magpul Icon Patch Mid Crown Snapback Hat


Magpul Brady Short Sleeve Plaid Shirt


New colors available for the Magpul Rainey Short Sleeve Plaid Shirt


New color available Magpul Wicking Polo




5 Responses to “Magpul – Spring 2017 Apparel and New Hats Now Shipping”

  1. PTMcCain says:

    Shouldn’t they be paying us to advertise for them?

  2. Bryce says:

    Magpul makes great firearms accessories but I’m not sure I want to be THAT guy with Magpul logos plastered allover my body.

    Also their CS lately has been something to be desired.

    • ptmccain says:

      Exactly…but then again…I’ve got hats from everyone and their brother with their logos on them…but I didn’t pay for any of them.

      MAGPUL will have to give away those hats if they want me and many others to wear them.

    • Lowandleft says:

      I ordered one of their “mid crown” truckers and the fit was terrible. The crown was bigger than the popes hat. I tried to return it but it took 6 weeks to get a response from CS. It took so long I just gave it to a buddy.

  3. REMF Tacticool says:

    Would have to echo the above really. The CORE cover, that’s cool, no monstrous logo IIRC and good usage of materials. Wouldn’t personally pay to wear a giant company name though. The clothing with the very tiny logos, that’s good quality, well designed and I’d go for it; though again I’d probably avoid the actual written name and opt for the image logo (potentially unpick and remove it if practicable).

    MSM for example does softshell and mesh/NYCO caps in some great colours that are built to a top standard and work fantastically. Heavily loop-covered but then you just unpick or don’t wear for standard everyday. No enormous monkey heads or tactical-related wording all over though which is the main thing.

    Quality and good design in a cap from a brand I like, that I can just chuck in to my cart with a big order (‘what’s a few bucks more’?), that’s always a welcome option. Fully able to “just not buy” the Magpul offerings, but SSD is about the place I know of outside big expos where these big companies might even see/receive feedback from us normal folks.